A Company with High Standards

WT Rail is built on stringent Safety and ISO standards. We are the only Railroad Scale certification company in Texas that is ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 accredited.

We are proud to have requirements above and beyond other Railroad Testing companies. Along with our Safety & ISO standards, we set high standards for customer service. Our operators are dispatched locally in Texas. We are leaders in the industry.


What You Can Expect:

On-site Rail Scale Testing to NIST Handbook 44 & AREMA standards using 80,000 lbs of certified weight.

Background, DISA, & Drug Tested Employees

TWIC Credentials for All Operators

State Certified Scale Technicians
State Certified Scale Company

NCCCO Certified Equipment Operators

The Safety Policy of WT-Rail

We adhere to legislation regulating employee health and safety.

We provide a working environment free from hazards that could result in death, injury, or illness.

We provide a professional staff to develop and support the health and safety program.

We recognize the priority of health and safety factors where there is competition with economic factors.

We train employees in safety methods and enforce adherence to safety rules and regulations.

We develop and use the best methods known for controlling the human loss and economic costs of accidents.

We assess progress toward a safe and healthier work environment.

We assure maximum safety to the general public.

The main objective of our safety program is to eliminate injuries to employees, to promote maximum efficiency, and to effect savings by the reduction of unplanned business interruptions from occupational accidents during construction.

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