Our Core Values

Service – High standards are a way of life. Our goal is the “pursuit of excellence.”

Class – We strive to be in a class of our own by committing to exceeding expectations and building lasting relationships.

Accountability – We are ethical, act openly, and with integrity in all we do. We take responsibility for our actions.

Leadership – We have the courage to rise above challenges, to work through adversity and inspire. We empower our people to make decisions that improve their work benefitting all involved.

Engagement – An emotional state where we feel passionate, energetic, and committed. We fully invest ourselves-hearts, spirits, minds and hands.

Satisfaction – Our success is geared towards making sure our customers are completely satisfied.

What We Stand For:


WT Rail is built on stringent Safety and ISO standards. We are the only Railroad Scale certification company in Texas that has ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 Accreditation.

We are proud to have requirements above and beyond other Railroad scale testing companies. Along with our Safety & ISO standards we set high standards for customer service. Our operators are dispatched locally in Texas. We are leaders in the industry.

Who We Are:

“Excellent Service, Reliable Products, Quality Workmanship"

WT Rail is a division of Weighing Technologies, Inc.

Weighing Technologies, Inc. opened its doors in 1995, and we have grown from a small company working with a few local customers, to a corporation supporting a vast industry along the Texas Gulf Coast Region. However, with all this growth, Weighing Technologies, Inc. has not lost sight of what brought us to where we are today.

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